Everything you need to know about Capitec Bank Loans 2020

Everything you need to know about Capitec Bank Loans 2020

Capitec loans are unsecured loans with seven years of repayment period that offers quick financial solutions for borrowers. The maximum amount of easy

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Capitec loans are unsecured loans with seven years of repayment period that offers quick financial solutions for borrowers. The maximum amount of easy personal loans that you can qualify is R250000 in South Africa. The loans are provided only to those who have a good credit profile and an efficiency to pay their debt.

Since 2001, Capitec bank has given its customers easy loans with affordable rates approximately equal to 12.9%. Capitec bank offers loans to everyone in Africa, including lenders, with several pending loans.

The Capitec loans offer you the following:

  • Genuinely fast and easy to apply.
  • You will have money very soon after approval.
  • Flexible investment options will be open to you.
  • One can get credit insurance in loans for longer than six months. This covers one during death and recession.

Now here are the main questions that arise- how do I get easy personal loans? How many installments do I have to pay? On what interest rate I probably get a loan? How do bank loans work? And so on.
For your knowledge, let us now discuss how do bank loans work.

How do bank loans work?

When you need to borrow money to make a big purchase or to cover unexpected expenses, a bank loan could be the best solution.
To understand how do bank loans work, you should become familiar with these key terms:

1. Loan eligibility:

You must meet basic eligibility requirements to apply for a loan. The bank will review your personal credit history, credit score, the amount of debt you currently owe, and the history of your payments. Banks must consider how much of the new loan you are currently applying in comparison with your debt load. You may not have a new loan accepted, if you owe too much money.

2. Loan application process

The bank will ask you to fill in a loan application, either in person or online. The bank will usually need your contact information, address, job, and income records, as well as other financial information. The bank could also check your citizenship. You will need to provide the vehicle documents and insurance evidence for an auto loan.

3. Bank Loan Repayment Process

Most bank loans are revolving loans, repaid by making monthly payments according to a set schedule of bank loans business. Each month, those payments are of the same amount. The interest is paid monthly and decreases slowly over time.

If you want to pay off your debt quicker, you will pay extra fees to the loan principal, which will reduce the amount of interest you are paying over the life of the loan. You must make a minimum payment for a credit line based on the amount that you currently owe. For paying off a loan too early, some banks charge fees, so be sure to check the terms and conditions.

I hope these terms are helpful for you to know how do bank loans work.

The types of loans offered by Capitec Bank

Easy personal loans:

Easy personal loans are a kind of unsecured loan where unsecured means they don’t require any collateral or asset pledges. And these types of loans usually have payment terms of up to seven years for the repayment to be made by the borrowers. The maximum amount that one qualifies to borrow is in cash R250000. The original personal loan is approved quickly, and at meager and fixed interest rates, mainly where the account holder must have the same account to obtain a paycheck. You can also apply online for easy personal loans. The easy Personal Loans will fund your needs without having to wait to accumulate the capital. Some features of easy personal loans are:

  • The new easy personal loans are offered at a 53 percent increase.
  • R230000 can be paid over between one to 84 months.
  • The average repayment for a 60-month period and for an amount of R150000 loan is approximately R5 472.58
  • Taking R 5939 interest, you must pay R498913 in total for your R230000 loan over 84 months.
  • Easy personal loans require minimum paperwork than other loans.
  • You will be able to qualify for a Capitec easy personal loans if you are eighteen years of age.

Capitec home loans:

Capitec bank works in conjunction with South African home loans and can fulfill the vision of someone owning a house by offering up to R5 million home loans. It comes with a humble repayment period of up to 2 decades.

Before you apply for a home loan:

  • Have a good idea of what you like and don’t like, where you would like to purchase and the value of the property in that field.
  • Compare home credit rates and home credit providers for the best deal
  • Keep in mind the needs of your family and ensure that your home is optimized for your lifestyle

Capitec debt consolidation loans:

These are loans that are given to lenders with other small loans who want to clear them. Capitec bank offers fixed interest rates, unlike many banks that do not sell outstanding loans to customers. Capitec banks are perfectly tailored to cover everything. It also eliminates the burden of paying multiple interest rates.

  • Instead of several numerous numbers, you have one monthly repayment number
  • Your total monthly balance will be lower
  • You are less likely to miss a bill, help keep a good credit profile and increase your credit score.


The basic conclusion from the structure of blogs is that Capitec bank loans offer credit managing through its application. Capitec provides loans based on its credit history and reliability to avoid offering a borrower an amount that does not meet his financial requirements. Now there are most of the banks which provide bank loans business online. So, you can apply through their mobile app via the website.